How far in advance do I need to book?
As we are busy, it is advisable to book your date early. It is sometimes possible to play for a very last minute engagement, and always worth asking,

Can I have a special piece arranged and how much notice do I need to give you?
We are happy to do special arrangements, and many pieces will work for two Classical Guitars. If you would like a special arrangement written uniquely for your event, we do ask for 2 months notice.

Can I book Sorella for a classical recital?
Yes, as experienced performers, we are equally at home with providing a classical recital of more serious works.

Are you happy to play outside?
Yes, but as we use electrical equipment, we are understandably not keen to get it wet. If you are planning an event where we might be asked to play outside, you'll need to arrange a shaded area such as a gazebo.

What do you need?
We need one parking space, one 13 amp plug socket, two chairs without arms, and a playing area at least 1.5m x 2m. Please also bear in mind safety when you’re deciding where to put us - preferably not in a walkway.

How long will you need to set up and sound check beforehand?
Approximately half an hour.

Will you need a meal?
No thank you, but we would like a couple of soft drinks for refreshment.

Do you need a break?
Yes, we like to take 10 minutes break in each hour to give our fingers and brains a short rest!